2005 Summit Stewards from SUNY Potsdam
Heather Robinson & Megan Doolen

The Friends of Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain are pleased to share with you some of the preliminary data collected by our two summit stewards on visitors to the fire tower during July and August. For the thirty-two days that the sign-in visitors were compared to the actual visitors on the summit during these two months, 7,406 people were counted representing approximately 20% more people than those who registered in the log books. These figures do not represent all the visitors during the two months, just those on the days Megan and Heather were working and had sign-in sheets available to compile the data.

Publicity on the fire tower restoration project has initiated very positive statewide attention for our community, thanks in part to our partnership with Adirondack Architectural Heritage and DEC. Both of our interpreters were well received by the public and courteously answered hundreds of questions from the hikers about our region and our restoration project. Bald Mountain hikers came from all over NYS, nearly 40 additional states, and a number of foreign countries. We are very pleased that the members of Central Adirondack Association (CAA) agreed to help fund the 2005 summit steward interpretive program and collaborate with the DEC, the Town of Webb, SUNY Potsdam's Environmental Studies Program, Sagamore Institute, and the volunteers of the Friends of Bald Mountain. Special thanks to Michael Wilson, Director, Adirondack Environmental Field Studies, SUNY-Potsdam College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, coordinator of the 05 Summit Steward Program, and to DEC Ranger Chad Richardson for his assistance with the stewards. Both Megan & Heather will be completing projects related to their experiences on the summit - Megan on the water quality along the Fulton Chain in cooperation with the Fulton Chain of Lakes Association, and Heather's project is a trail interpretive guide to the summit. 

The Parking Lot at the trailhead has been enlarged, thanks to DEC! Look for our new sign-in interpretive kiosk in the spring of 2006. The interpretive sign was produce by the Friends of Bald Mountain & DEC. Be sure to sign the register & let the State know how much we love this trail and our tower!